Camping World Affiliate Program Review

    Camping World Affiliate Program Review

    Who doesn’t love camping? Did you know you can make money promoting products being sold at And how, you might ask?

    Who doesn’t love camping? Did you know you can make money promoting products being sold at And how, you might ask?

    It’s called affiliate marketing. This is where companies like Camping WorldWalmartAmazon, etc are willing to pay you a commission to refer customers to them. It’s a pretty good gig especially if you have a decent following online.

    For me, I like reviewing products. The added bonus is if I like a product enough to promote it, I could potentially earn life changing income from it. In fact, I’ve known some affiliates to earn well above $100K/mo in commissions from one partner alone. Sound crazy? It’s not – there are companies like who’s entire business model is structured around performance based income.

    Now – let’s get back to Camping World. According to the Camping World Affiliate program. According to Camping World, you should join because Camping World is a ‘proven winner’ and has been the leading supplier of RV supplies and accessories for over 35 years.

    Now – let’s get down to brass tacks. Camping World will pay affiliates a 6% commission on all transactions referred to them via tracking URLs or links. Let’s say you do a write-up on the popular Clam Quick-Set Shelter which retails at $319.99 and because of your efforts Camping World sells 10 of these tents each month. That would kick back around $83/mo or $1,007 per year in your pocket.

    Affiliate Marketing works REALLY well if you have a highly optimized site. Website’s like do well with this. Once your site is seen as authoritative in Google’s eyes, your articles will start ranking faster, and ranking well without effort resulting in on-going commission in your pocket for a one-time investment.

    In full disclosure – we have applied to the Camping World Affiliate program to test it out. As we’re on the road, we will be buying a lot of products so it only makes sense to do a write-up and a video about our experiences. If it’s good, we want to make sure our readers know their options to purchase these items as well as the best pricing available.

    Is the Camping World affiliate program worth it? It could be. It really depends on your plan and your existing network. If you’re just starting off it will defiantly take some time to earn a meaningful income – but you have to start somewhere.

    One thing I am unclear about at this time is how long the tracking pixel is good for with Camping World. 30 days is pretty standard (this means if someone goes to from your referral and doesn’t buy anything until the 29th day you’ll still get credit for that sale). Walmart, who offers an industry-low commission at 1% also only offers a 3-day pixel whereas Camping World is at 10 days.

    As I continue to learn more about Camping World’s affiliate program I’ll be sure to update this post. Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to drop a comment below — thanks for stopping by.

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