Nomad Internet – Is it Legit?

Nomad Internet

We’ve Been a Customer Since June

We’ve been testing Nomad Internet since June and out of complete transparency, it’s been a bit of a train wreck until just recently. Nomad Internet touts that it delivers its members (not customers) unlimited 4G LTE, no contracts, no data limits, no credit checks, and a 14-Day no-risk trial.

Recently, Nomad expanded offering the Nighthawk router/modem/hotspot which delivers unlimited and unthrottled 4G LTE internet access to RVers.

Membership Plans

Each color represents one of the major cellular carrier networks. Therefore, the primary difference between each plan is the coverage each network provides. View each of our plans’ coverage to identify which is most likely to work at your usage location(s).

STRONG PINK PLAN (T-MOBILE) — $99/mo. + $149 one-time membership fee.
VERY BLUE PLAN (AT&T) — $129/mo. + $149 one-time membership fee.

In the past, we’ve had bad luck (poor coverage) with T-Mobile so we decided to the Very Blue Plan a try with the Netgear Nighthawk router.

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